Students from 4th and 5th grade from Poland created the story based on Article 31 of the Convention  on the Rights of Children concerning right to relax and play. Illustrations were also made by one of our students. Below you can see the results and read the story  in English language. Hope you enjoy it!

Three islands

The Hidden School

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Boys in 5th class at St. Mary's BNS, Booterstown, Co Dublin wrote and illustrated 'The Hidden School'. We first explored the theme of children's rights and learned more about the Convention on the Rights of the Child.  Our teachers explained that we would focus on Article 28, which relates to the right to education. Our book uses animal characters which we think will appeal to children reading the book and we have written in rhyme, which is very popular in many children's picture books we have read before. We hope you enjoy our book and that it helps you to think more about children's rights. 

Bubble's Troubles

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Pupils from Year 5 (9-10 year olds) at YGG Tirdeunaw, Swansea wrote and illustrated a beautiful story about ta character called Bubbles who lives in the sea. Through his story the pupils got the readers to focus on and discuss the rights from Articles 12, 13, 24 & 27 of the Convention on the Rights of Children. The book uses a sea turtle called Bubbles to connect pupils to the story and explore these rights. We hope this book gets you thinking and please share it with as many people as possible. Click on the book cover above 'Bubbles Troubles' to activate the story. 

Click this link to look at the story book