Our school is located in the southern part of Poland - 40 km away from Cracow. It is the oldest and the largest among all local primary schools in Wolbrom but it is well equipped with a great sports base and fresh renovated environment. There are 15 classes with about 350 students aged between 6-13 . Each class consists of about 19-28 mix ability pupils. The school also organizes a set of extra school activities to improve students’ key competences and desire for learning for both: talented and pupils with learning difficulties of different types. Our pupils are eager to participate in English and German, journalism and drama clubs, extracurricular computer, maths sport and art lessons. There are also Eco and Tourism & Sightseeing Clubs. Lower attaining pupils are provided with additional compensation and revalidation classes. We strongly believe that European projects are essential to develop key competences and  personal  and interpersonal skills for lifelong learning. This project is to create strongly motivated students by raising the level of quality of teaching in our schools.  We will enhance the regular lessons and extra-curricular activities by the use of ICT tools, communication in a foreign language and learning about different cultures.