Legends of Europe

Clumsy Hans

  1. Why didn't Clumsy Hans get a horse?

  2. Name three things Clumsy Hans found on his way to the castle.

  3. Why does Clumsy Hans want a wife?

  4. How is Clumsy Hans behaving?

  5. Why did Clumsy Hans become king?

The Children of Lír

1. Why did Lír want to marry again after his wife had died?

2. Where did Ava take the children to in her chariot?

3. What spell did Ava cast on the children and for how long?

4. What did Lír do when he found out that his children had been transformed into swans?

5. What eventually broke the spell on the children?

The Dragon of Wawel Hill

  1. Where did the King Krak live?

  2. Why  were people worried?

  3. What did the king promise to the man who can kill the dragon?

  4. What did Dratewka need to kill the dragon?

  5. What happend to the dragon?