Problem 1

Inmo decides to save up to to Denmark for a trip. He saves £8.50 a week for 10 weeks. He is also given £25 from the school to spend in Denmark. How much money will he have saved to go?


Problem 2

To go to Denmark the exchange rate is £1 = 8 danish krone. From the money that Inmo has saved how many krones will he have?


Problem 3

Inmo spends 690 danish krones on the trip. How many krones will he have left at the end of the trip?


Problem 4

When Inmo goes to the bank to change the Danish krones back to pounds how much money will he have back in pounds? 

(The exchange rate is £1 = 8 danish krone.)

Parc y Tywyn


Problem 1:

My name is Jeff .

I have 8 legs.

It takes me 5 seconds to put on 1 shoe.

It takes me 3 seconds to put on each sock.

My name is Haribo.

I have 4 legs.

It takes me 10 seconds to put on 1 shoe.

It takes me 4 seconds to put on 1 sock.

Jeff and Haribo are trying to have a race to see who can put their socks and shoes on the fastest. Who wins the race?


Who wins the race?

Problem 2:

Rosie only has  2 hours to watch films.


Here are the films and how many minutes it takes to watch the whole film:

Star Wars =  1 hour

Fantastic Mr . Fox =  15 minutes

Sing = 35 minutes

Wizard of Oz = 5 minutes

Justice League =  25 minutes


Which films can she watch in 2 hours?

Problem 3: 

1.Cari and her family went to the shop with £5.She bought  a pencil for £3.50 how much change did she get?

2. Her dad gave her an extra £13.20 on top of her change. How much money does Cari have now?

For more math stories go to: kortlink.dk/wes3

St. Mary’s BNS


1st class (ages 6-7)

Problem 1:

The boys in first class in St Mary's were going to play Gaelic hurling. They could only find 15 hurls in the P.E. (Physical education) shed. There are 26 boys in the class. How many more hurls do they need?

Problem 2:

This autumn, Seán saw 2 hedgehogs in his garden. Patrick saw 7 in his garden. How many more hedgehogs than Seán did Patrick see?


Problem 3: 

13 boys in first class supported the Leinster rugby* team. 12 boys supported Munster. 2 boys didn't support any team. How many boys were in the class?


Problem 4:

16 boys in first class liked to eat potatoes with their dinner. 13 preferred pasta. How many boys less preferred pasta?


(*The four Irish provinces are Leinster, Munster, Ulster and Connacht)


3rd class (ages 8-9)

Problem 1:

The Vikings first took over Dublin in 795AD. In 902AD, the Irish won back Dublin from the Vikings. For how long were the Vikings first in power in Dublin?

Problem 2: 

Mary is a dairy farmer. There are 10 cows in each of her 5 barns. How many cows does she have altogether?

Problem 3:

Oisín spent half his pocket money on a book. he had €10 left. He then spent 1/10th of that on football cards. How much pocket money does Oisín get and how much were the football cards?

Problem 4:

At the Santry games* there are 3 heats and 8 children run in each race. How many athletes will run altogether?


(*The Santry games are held in Santry Stadium in north Dublin. They are the competition for the Leinster juvenile track and field athletics held each summer) 


5th class (ages 10-11)

Problem 1:

The temperature at midnight in Dublin is -2 degrees. It rises by 0.5 degrees each hour after midnight. What is the temperature in Dublin at 8am?

Problem 2:

Jack had €8. He spent 1/8th of it. How much has he got left?

Problem 3:

The distance between Booterstown and Dublin city centre is 7.8km. If you walked back and forth to the city centre from Booterstown three times, how far would you have travelled?

Problem 4:

It rained 6 days in July. What fraction of July had no rain?