Project meeting in Odense from the 12th to the 17th March

Morning assembly

The first workshop: How to use Cooperative learning in math

The second workshop: How to get the pupils moving while learning math

Twister - division

Letterbox - multiplication

Fly swatter

Find the corner

Find the corner

Running circle

Running circle

Frisbee golf

Standing troll

Pegs wheel – relay race

The team is working on the math test

A big thank-you to Rikke and her very talented Maths co-ordinators at your school. All countries have learnt so much about how to make maths more innovative and fun - inspiring our pupils to motivate them to learn. Wonderful training event! We'll post our work back at school soon so you can see how much fun our pupils are having with the games.

Thank-you Angie (Inspire2Motivate Project Co-ordinator) 

Click on the is picture to listen to the welsh teachers singing a song to the pupils at school.